07.07.2013: The Color Run NYC, Brooklyn

The Color Run NYC was my first 5k. I had a blast with the best running buddy a girl could ask for, and didn't do too bad on time either. Looking forward to doing another one of these! ** All photos in this series taken with…

10.02.2011: Pretty Yellow Flowers

It's days like today in particular that remind me how truly blessed I am. I came home to a beautiful apartment, in a city I love, the man of my dreams waiting for me, a full fridge of freshly bought food, and beautiful yellow flowers from the…

06.19.2011: High Line on a Sunday

I'm kind of in love with the High Line. Maybe it's the idea of a random nature trail in the middle of Chelsea. Maybe it's all the beauty that it brings to the City. Actually, I think it's both of those things. Love... …