Dakota’s Rainbow Project

I recently photographed Scooter and Elena's last sunset together. It was such an honor to witness the love between Scooter and Elena and document beautiful moments that will hopefully be cherished forever. That got me thinking about the loss of my girl, Dakota. I'm proud to announce a project in her name called Dakota's Rainbow Project where I will permanently offer a limited number of portrait sessions per month, free of charge, to families with terminally ill dogs.
Elena and Scooter

Pet Portraits: Scooter and Elena’s Last Sunset

I recently had the privilege of witnessing and photographing Scooter's last sunset with Elena. We spent a beautiful evening together in Far Hills, NJ. The day had been previously full of thunderstorms, but we got lucky. The rain broke and the clouds cleared just enough to give us a stunning sunset for Scooter and Elena.
Graduation Portraits

Julia’s Graduation Photos

This year has been unprecedented, to say the least. My sweet…
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