Maternity photos… where to start? After two tragic losses, and what seemed like a very long pregnancy journey, we felt it was incredibly important to capture these fleeting moments. Because of our journey, I struggled to find a photographer I felt comfortable with that also had a maternity photo package that interested me. The more I contacted local photographers about maternity shoots, the more I became discouraged. 

That’s when we got the bright idea to try the photos ourselves. I picked up a tripod, a remote for the shutter, and away we went. Our first location in Hoboken was mostly a bust because of the intensely cold evening at the waterfront. Yes, I know it’s February… the second attempt went much more smoothly. Cheers to a gorgeous Spring-like day with my husband and my baby girl bump in the Meadowlands!

Photos were taken both in Hoboken, NJ and at the Meadowlands Environment Center in Lyndhurst, NJ.