07.24.2014: Care Package from Amie, Round Two

Did I mentioned I have some of the greatest friends? If you have never sent a care package to a friend or loved one, I highly recommend it. It’s so fun hand-selecting items for the recipient! And, if you’re lucky, it’s incredibly fun to receive one for yourself, which is how this exchange began. Some time last year, my friend Amie and I decided to start sending care packages to one another. What started out as a way to share healthy foods and expose one another to regional or specialty items has taken it to the next level. This box included not only some yummy snacks and guilty pleasures, but also some natural skin care products (something I find myself more and more drawn to lately), and the coolest camera journal I’ve ever laid eyes on. And no box from Amie would be complete without the perfect card – Hangry, yeah, I’m often that…

I was so excited to unbox everything, I decided to take some photos so I can not only remember what the products are for later purchases, but also because it was such a wonderful and uplifting box to get at the end of a very long week. Thank you, my dear friend Amie! I can’t wait to shop for your box this weekend…