02.02.2015: Winter + Everett

Today is Groundhog’s Day. As the current weather additionally indicates (snow combined with freezing rain), we are in for six more weeks of Winter. Fantastic.

I have my perfect cup of Vanilla Cinnamon tea, my cozy blanket, my snuggly pups and even my husband working from home with me in another room. What I don’t have is my dear old friend, Everett.

I grew up with my “new to me” piano, spending countless hours pounding away at the keys, occasionally making beautiful music. In later days, my sweet puppy Dakota would lie near me as I played, sometimes long into the night. How I wish I still had my dear friend to keep me company. Everett, you have never been forgotten, and I hope that you’re keeping your new friend great company and not just sitting untouched in a corner.

I can’t wait to be a home owner so I can bring a new old friend back into our family…

**Photo taken a few years ago for the Craigslist post when we were forced to part ways.**